The Untamed Crown: Through Bramble, Mist & Flame – A Kingmaker CampaignFantasy_Art__17_.jpg

Band of Adventurers

Name Race Class Concept / Theme
Ashlee Bella La’Fleur Halfling (F) Bard (Archivist) 3 Aspiring Privateer
Beaumont Lothaine Van Buren Human, Taldan (M) Ranger 2, Paladin 2 Paladin of Erastil
Hillie Tara Eventide Elf (F) Rogue (Scout) 4 Seeker of Brightness
Johann Sistra Halfling (F) Sorceress (Infernal) 4 Escaped Slave

Former Party Members

Race/Class Concept / Theme STATUS
Dante Wessel Human, Chelaxian (M); Wizard (Conjurer) 3 Chelaxian Devil-Binder DECEASED – died in the Kobold’s Lair. Party discovers he’s been a Tiefling all along, disguised using a cloak of human guise.
Ragnar Thunderblade Human, Ulfen (M); Barbarian 1, Cleric 1 Warrior-Cleric of Gorum UNKNOWN – Ragnar and Tara are surrounded by bandits; Ragnar holds off the bandits so Tara can escape. Party hasn’t seen him since.

The Untamed Crown